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  When I was 8 years old (1974) my mom introduced me to the world of psychic amazingness and wonders. 

She had gotten a psychic book from a friend and I spend many hours reading the book from beginning to the end and back. 
I was totally intrigued by the EVP phenomenon and listened the additional cassette a thousand times over and over again. I just couldn’t get enough from these intriguing ghostly voices which came from the other side. I was amazed that that was even possible and highly fascinated I read the information about this psychologist, philosopher and researcher Dr. Konstantin Raudive. He was the second EVP (Electronic Voice Projection) pioneer who studied and analyzed this phenomenon in a scientific manner. From 1965 until his death in 1974 he recorded ca 300.000 EVP-voices as evidence for after life.

Spooky voices
So ofcourse I tried to registrate spooky voices too, with approval of mom; although it took me a while before I really dared to do that. I did thought it over for a long time whether it was a good idea and what it could mean for my mental experience. Because I was ofcourse a very young child and because it was very scary, I was very cautious of the whole thing. I never did registrate voices though and gave up the effort after a while.

Nowadays you have much better aquipment to do registrate them; we can all see them in the ‘ghosthunter‘ programs on tv and YouTube.
Some sceptic people think and say that EVP-recorders are just being fooled by audio illusions. In the 40 years after I read the book and experimented myself I have seen that some recordings are really very obvious. And in the not fake cases the voices are really good hearable so that (in my opinion) it could not be an illusion. 

Anyway to wrap up the EVP thing: that was not the only topic which was in the psychic book. Other topics were about telekinesis, psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience and ghost photography. The whole book made a major impression on my psyche; it felt very comfortable and I got very inspired by it. I don’t even remember asking my mom much about these psychic world stuff; although I was only 8 years old the whole material of mysterious worlds felt very logical and natural for me. 

Strange things
When I was just a very small baby I already experienced things which could be found weird by other people. When I was between 6 months and 9 months (I think); but it could be a little later too, their were strange things going on in the room where I slept. I recall it has happed two times that there was a very old man visiting me at night in my bedroom.
One time I remember seeing him 1 meter away from my bed crib on the left side of my shoulder. I had to lift my baby head somewhat up to the left and saw an old man with very white (maybe a bit grey) hair; maybe he was slightly bold on top, but I can’t remember that very clear. He stood there with a white kind of robe and mostly said nothing; although I think he talked to me but I can’t remember what he said. Other than that I never experienced paranormal activities of some sort when I was little. 

Spicy detail
Untill I was 11 years old nothing unusual happened and I always read the mystic books my mom brought home and witnessed my mom doing a study of natural healing. She became active in the world of magnitizing people and became a very successfull healer.
We often visited paranormal fairs and also did my mother had stands at the fair. When she was working at the fair I walked around the fair all day to check out all the psychics. 

One very spicy detail in this is that I intentionally skipped the Tarot stands because at that time I soo reallyy didn’t find Tarot interesting at all haha; can you imagine! Tarot had not directly to do with clairvoyance or other kind of psychic abilities and at the time I thought that cards were very simplistic. (Boy was I wrong!)
My opinion was also (and it still is) that a lot of those tarot readers didn’t do a good job at it. My observation was that they often talked people under the table with a lot of manipulation and words. We have to stay critic in this because there really are a lot of innocent people (clients) who believe everything you say and that makes this business easy for scammy practices. 

Intuive scanning
So in other words from age 11 untill I was 41 Tarot was not an occult topic I was interested in at all. In fact my psychic journey began with intuive scanning the psychic people behind their tables. When I walked around the fairs I looked in there eyes and unintentionally scanned their persona, intentions and abilities. So I instantly saw who was faking or not and realised that not everyone was as honest as it on first impression seemed.
But besides soaking up people’s energies there, I visited many lectures from psychics who were very good and accurate in view of reading clients. Especially the psychometrics lectures in which you could put an photo or object on the table so that the medium in question could see images beyond the normal vision.

I always had a really good time at all these fairs; I enjoyed the kind of energies that flew around and it made my childhood period and adolescence really magical. Although my mother tried to stimulate my spiritual side very much, I didn’t have any intentions at all to do something with it.

In my next blog I will write about the period (Age 18/1984) my hided psychic abilities came out little by little and how I tried for 30 years to suppress that.

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