Night dilemma’s

When you woke up at 202:07 uhh woww this is some kind of exotic country <while bathing in my sweat>

Oh: it’s one of my hormone disturbance attacks

02:10 petting the kitty

Vision from under blankets:

Vision from under blankets

02:17 shall I snapchat? Or Tweet? Facebook… Instagram….

02:20 I could work now..

02:22 hey, where did my mirror go? I wrapped grandma’s old mirror in bubble plastic (over from precious cat toys gifts) to put in the attic so I can preserve it for later ages to look in

Where did Jack put it?

Argghh: I have to ask

I have to know




But i cant ask

He is asleep

I have to poke him

He usually sputters some incoherent tweedle rubbish

He probably answers something like: “yes in the refrigerator”

02:30 itchy eyes

<sanding heavy handed with fingers in eyes>

Nooo i cant rubb

Then i end up looking like a Matamata Matamata who has Xylella fastidiosa

02:33 petting cat again

02:37 hungry

02:40 does loose-skin-underarm-fitness in bed by throwing arms up in the air and down not knowing if that does the trick, but feels like big achievements

02:42 scrolls up and down notebook pondering what else to write

Well this night again turned out pretty nice <sarcastic>: looking like shitty crap again tomorrow. With extra wrinkles included.

Advantage of this is that you get them for free

02:45 cough

Trying to wake up huspup in the most subtle natural way


03:18 going back to sleep now

I think

I think

I think

I think


I think

Petting the kitty again before I go back to sleep

I think

Petting the kitty’s behind.

Last time I petted her; this was her head?!

Laughing in middle of the night

Haha; oh well; can happen

Still hungry

Going back to sleep now

Hungry and all

Well at least I had a bit of fun

With the cat’s behind, that is

Which I petted and thought it was her head




Nighty night

Or is it morning already

Nooe: 03:24

Where did i put my lip balsam?

I had it in my trousers and it has to be on my night cabinet

Crawling over husband’s face to reach night cabinet

Grabbing blindly

Oh there it is

Now back to sleep

Petting Isa one more time. Again her behind; again she turned around

Does she do this on purpose??!!

Sleep well

Somebody is screaming real loud outside

It is scaring the hell out of me



05:05 still awake, but maybe sleep is kicking in now

05:06 writing in my sleep: I’m asleep…..I think

06:10 very loud cat snoring and abrupt disturbed my only 60 minutes old night sleep + wide awake again

06:11 back to sleep

06:30 startled by the iphone wake up call

Yes 06:30 I always wake up at that time

Even on Saturdays

But usually I don’t need an alarm because I have my own build in alarm system; but this morning it didn’t work that well

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