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SANDISK INTRODUCEERT SNELSTE, DUNSTE EN KRACHTIGSTE USB-STICKS  Nieuwe USB 3.0 flash drive draagt met een snelheid tot 190MB/s1 bestanden tot 10 keer sneller over dan USB 2.0 sticks SanDisk Corporation (NASDAQ: SNDK), de wereldwijde marktleider op het gebied van flashgeheugenkaarten, introduceert vandaag haar snelste, dunste en krachtigste USB-producten ooit. De sticks geven consumenten de opslag […]

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Woensdag 14 juni vond er in heel Nederland alweer de zevende editie van de buitenspeeldag plaats. Nickelodeon ging tussen 13:00 en 17:00 uur zowel op TV als online letterlijk ‘op zwart’! Kinderen en jongeren werden zo gestimuleerd om naar buiten te gaan. Op de NDSM-werf in Amsterdam Noord konden kids lekker ravotten en waren er […]

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De Tarte tatin van pastinaak en bataat, met kabeljauw en rode biet van Anja Annink is door onze vakjury verkozen tot meest gezonde, originele én smaakvolle gerecht in de Vergeten Groenten Receptenwedstrijd. Anja versloeg in de finale de andere genomineerden Saskia Lelieveld en Line Wiener. In de keuken van restaurant Bolenius in Amsterdam kookten de […]

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Het eerste boek dat ‘hetero-emancipatie’ expliciet tot doel heeft De wereld is hetero – maar ik heb geen bezwaar Om uit de kast te komen, moet je er eerst inzitten. Hoe komt iemand in die kast terecht? Wordt iedereen geboren als hetero? Jip van Zeist zet het homotolerante Nederland flink op zijn kop met haar […]

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Speelgoed? Daarbij denk je niet als eerste aan een iPad. Maar in veel huishoudens is er tegenwoordig geen ruzie meer om de afstandsbediening maar om de populaire tablet. En dat al met de allerkleinste kinderen. Zelfs één -en tweejarigen hebben de iPad al ontdekt om spelletjes op te spelen. Hartstikke leuk en leerzaam, maar ouders […]

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Don’t tell anyone

“all day they are pointing this mobile thing at me which you seem to call ‘Eyephone’. I hardly can look up or there is that thing again staring at my face.”


Scared by own psychic abilities at 18

“…. I sat there in total unbelief and was telling myself that it was just coincidence.”
“….I told myself immediately that this would be the only occassion this psychic try happened. I instantly created some sort of psychic anxiety for myself and the rest of the following workshops. I just went there for the sociability and fun and from then on blocked any psychic abilities on purpose.”


My psychic journey started at 8y

  When I was 8 years old (1974) my mom introduced me to the world of psychic amazingness and wonders.  She had gotten a psychic book from a friend and I spend many hours reading the book from beginning to the end and back.  I was totally intrigued by the EVP phenomenon and listened the additional […]


You can do more things…..

What action neeeds to be taken right now?   Message of this reading is first of all to leave the past the past once and for all.  Then keep in mind that you can overcome anything if you just see your future more on the bright side. Stay focussed, determined and decisive on what you want; […]


Secrets to get inspiration

SECRETS TO GET INSPIRATION Did you ever got stuck with finding inspiration? It’s probably one of the most common issues artists (and ofcourse other people too) have to cope with in their career. Rajacenna will give you the four inspiration secrets she usually follows when she needs new energy and creativity. In this beautiful video […]


This is me

     As you can see I am back blogging again and from now on in English. I haven’t been blogging about 3 years now and ofcourse that had it’s reasons; I am so grateful to be alive and that is what’s most important. I did delete a whole bunch of old blogs I did […]


Cool Life with coffee, celebs & tarot

Somebody once said to me “wow, you must have a cool life!”; referring to the privileges I had to meet international celebrities and all the many things that I’ve done in my life. But sometimes things are not really what they appear on first glance. My life was not always that healthy and successfull as […]


P6 isn’t always about money

   Possibily you have to give some advice or missing piece of information to somebody which is very much familiar to you. Maybe family. Take a little time to analyse the situation good. P6 isn’t always about money. P6 also stands for sharing skills or information and knownledge.  This is a day card for someone […]


Think and protect yourself

  Advice reading (dec2015) in view of a to be continued learning program with for this person annoying people present.Think and protect yourself and don’t let them get you mentally. Don’t get tricked into fights and gossips from others torch you or otherwise. It might be handy to only think of finishing your course and keep […]



2009 was the year the world became richer with a young (16y) artist prodigy. This wonder talent, as the media calls her, happened to be my daughter Rajacenna. At the age of sixteen out of nothing she was being able to draw in such a manner that people do not see the difference between the photo […]


2 water vs 1 fire card

   General reading 6 cards. Bottom card = jump cardA little part of the reading: Before and after The Wheel card there are ‘water’-cards and these two influences the ‘fire’-card (The Wheel). Which means that I took the negative aspects belonging to the Wheel. In this case it says that this person is not very […]


Testemonials which I got from my clients “Ahh! Celesta you are amazing! This reading has shed so much light. You have gone above and beyond to get me answers. You have been so patient and helpful! Thank you so so much.” “Humblest thanks to you from the bottim of my heart for your kind, compassionate, […]


Make your plans reality

   Take good advantage of your chances and go ahead with your skills and tools to make your plans reality. It will always turn out fine.


Water and fire

   This has been a clarifier for the Hanged Man in some other reading I did. These three cards resonated with the reading and because this trio is all water and fire I took the reversed aspects of the cards. Which matched the cards from that reading.



Late post: What should I focus on in 2016? Laziness   Ok so I draw the Laziness card. Such an ironic word in my life. I’ve never been lazy in my entire life and even when I got sick in 1993 I still never behaved myself as a lazy person even though I have to rest […]



Past life spread   First thing I noticed when looking at these cards was the Swords Two being very present in this spread. Since I know this client very well there suddenly manifested a whole story seeing this past life. After a while starring at the cards, totally clueless, it became clear that this spread much […]


To what extent is this relationship meant to be?

   To what extent is this relationship meant to be?In this quick (additional to relationship spread) draw there was one card that came through several other spreads I did for this client: Two of Pentacles. So I got the impression here that both of them didn’t devide the attention for each other very much during […]


Year of Love

One of the 6-card future predictions I did the first days of january tells a wonderful future relationship for this person. Allthough I know that most of the time the cards are always right, with this kind of predictions I still have some fear if clients are going to interfere and block unconciously these information. […]



“You both are capable enough to solve your differences with eachother good. The first card says you can’t spend much time together and you often have to split time between eachother, work, family and other friends.”


Connect with nature

   Card for my sweetest girlfriend in Italy. ‘Connect with nature’ Carta per la mia carissima amica in Italia: ‘Collegarti con la natura’. 

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