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Since 1989 entrepreneur, but really doesn’t know why. Enter Celesta.nl at your own risk. Is as crazy and exhausted as she looks. Glues incoherent words into one big messy story. Cursed the Universe for having chronic fatigue syndrom. Blogging since 1999  All about: coffee, life, tarot, rubbisch, cats & entrepreneurship nonsense. Has an outspoken opinion about everything, but tries to cover that up. Figuring out why on earth she’s dropped on this planet. Thinks she’s a tarot reader, but ignores her own advices.

No-nonsense Professional & Straight to the Point Tarot Readings by Celesta (once a huge Tarot skeptic)
As professional Master Neglector of her own Tarot advice, Celesta now use her unravel techniques to guide you straight to your true destination.

Of origin coffee importer / entrepreneur (since 1989), but also as KidsTV producer, Celesta has been published in wellknown magazines multiple times and did her projects appear on national tv.
Before becoming a coincidental tarot travellor she had been successful and then got broke, lost her right path and then got back on track with Tarot. With 10 years of 24/7 Tarot experience first hand, she experimented her way back on the right path and is specialised in Business- (and Talent) Tarot Readings.
With a mixture expertise of everyday’s struggles and business; this mother of a hyper realistic pencil drawing wonder daughter, will show you how to exploit your talent, gain success and find your true path.

Along with a little touch of her hidden psychic eye, she helps you transform your life, attract more clients, find your soulmate, improve your time management or balance your stress levels.

Don’t take life too serious; including your selfies | Ex Super Woman | Beyond Selfies | True Life | Just act normal | Surviving in a Fake World
Bio Summary

Since 1989 entrepreneur: importer of Italian espresso coffee Manuel Caffè, Pumpkinseed oil, Acme Cups, publisher 45 own websites, producer kids TV channel, photographer red carpet, illustrator/graphic designer, webhoster/designer, writer, mother of hyper realistic artist Rajacenna, tarot reader

Admin of: Instagram: @drawings (266.000 followers) / @artjournals (9600 followers) / @tarot4all / @rajacennagallery / @celesta66 / @manuelcaffenl …….and a lot of other accounts (not mentioned here)


Official website: http://www.celesta.nl/indexx.htm

Celesta in the media


Curriculum Vitae:


– Editorial Secretary Dutch magazine Misset (1988)

– Exclusive Importer for The Netherlands of Manuel Caffee (since 1989) Italian espresso coffee & supplies to horeca, wholesale, retail and private

– CelestaMagazine 2000 – 2001

– Celesta Design 2001 – 2009 http://www.celesta.nl

– Exploitation (45) websites 2002 – now

– Primahoster Webhosting 2003 – now http://www.primahoster.nl

– Cartoonist 2003 – 2004

– Producer KidsTv  2005 – 2008

– 2007paintings 2007 – 2013 Unique paintings painted by 33 Dutch celebrities for charity

– 2008 illustrator / writer of ‘Niets is zwart wit..iedereen is anders’ http://zwartwit.celesta.nl

– Edun Live 2008-2010 Exclusive import Netherlands Edun LIVE the quality brand t-shirt with a mission, by Ali Hewson and Bono of U2

– 2009 – now Public Relations drawing prodigy Rajacenna Http://www.rajacenna.com

– 2012 – now Import pumpkinseedoil Http://www.pompoenzaadolie.nl

– 2013 – now Exclusive importer Acme cups

Tarot reader 2007 – now


– Redactiesecretaresse Tuinderij/Vollegrond; Misset Uitgeverij (1988)

– Exclusief Importeur Nederland Manuel Caffè (vanaf 1989)
Levering Italiaans espressokoffie aan horeca, horecagroothandel, detailhandel en particulier

– CelestaMagazine 2000 – 2001

– Celesta Design 2001 – 2009

– Exploitatie (45) websites 2002 – heden o.a.:
Kinderjournaal/ Kinderfeessie/ Hoeoverleefikdebrugklas/Verjaardagsartikelen/

– Primahoster 2003 – heden

– Cartoonist – Ikwilwerken.nl 2003 – 2004

– Producer Kinderjournaal – internettelevisie 2005 – heden
Webtelevisie voor kinderen van 8 tot 18 jaar met interviews van bekende artiesten

– TV Vlaardingen – Kinderjournaal 2006 – 2007
Lokale televisie

– 2007schilderijen 2007 – 2013
2007 unieke schilderijen geschilderd door 33 bekende nederlanders voor het goede doel

– 2008 illustrator / schrijver ‘Niets is zwart wit..iedereen is anders’

– Edun Live 2008-2010
exclusief verkoper NL Edun LIVE
EDUN LIVE is het kwaliteitsmerk T-shirt met een missie, van Ali Hewson en Bono van U2

– 2009 – heden Public Relations tekentalent Rajacenna

– 2012 – heden Importeur pompoenzaadolie

– 2013 – heden Exclusief importeur Acme cups

– 2007 – heden Tarotlezer

Voor meer informatie over Celesta, klik hier of www.celesta.nl

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