2009 was the year the world became richer with a young (16y) artist prodigy. This wonder talent, as the media calls her, happened to be my daughter Rajacenna. At the age of sixteen out of nothing she was being able to draw in such a manner that people do not see the difference between the photo and the drawing.

After only three months of drawing (without any lessons ever) she was asked to publish her work in Amazing Pencil Portraits 2 (later on in APP3 too). This american art book contains realistic pencil portrait drawings created by some of the most gifted artists in the world. 
After being discovered she already at 16 belongs to the best artists in the world and her drawing videos are being used in art schools all over the world.

Soon after being discovered Rajacenna appeared in many Dutch tv programs, magazines, news papers, on the radio and even on Japanese tv. In 2011 the management of Justin Bieber asked her to give him the drawing which she made in 2010.  

She was featured in the Elite exhibition in the Mailbox in Birmingham England and worked for wellknown Brasilian interior design company Mosarte.

In May 2015, she also worked with the band Owl City singer-songwriter Adam Young who asked her to make the promotional drawing and timelapse video of the cover art of his album, Mobile Orchestra.
Rajacenna has now started a new video series which she will alternate with her usual drawing videos. In this first video she tells what happened after 2011 when she suddenly dissappeared from the internet. 
After the world discovered Rajacenna the fan mail from allaround the world didn’t stop coming in. So many mails and messages she couldn’t reply on because there were so many of them.

So many requests started coming in of all sorts and anywere in the world people wrote and blogged about her. 

When she suddenly dissappeared people started wondered what happened and where she was. In this video she’ll explain and this will be the start of a serie vlogs which were so highly requested by her fans.

Watch the video hier:

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