I couldn’t help myself

Snapchat's fault Celesta

For the people who thought I wrote previous blog especially to please the Google SEO: IT WAS NOT!! Haha, disappointed?!

I couldn’t help myself; when I started writing the piece suddenly was 17 minutes long. I tried to cut it, but it kept on growing; it must have been the terrible local air sucking up lately; it’s a matter of time that I will take root. I’ve seen fellow citizens growing 3musketeers bars out of their ears; I’m not sure if that’s good, but maybe it’s not really bad either. I don’t hope they will be growing out of my ears though, because I’m allergic to chocolate. Yes really.

I’m sorry to have bothered you with previous blog and holding a mirror up to you. Did it scare you haha. You deserved it.

I didn’t do it on purpose and it will never happen again. You just go ahead with your life and many selfies collections and so. Then I’ll do the same.

………..well….. would you really think I would apologize for that? Nope; don’t think so. I didn’t write it for the SEO, that’s for sure and further I hope you see your world a little different from before but probably not.

You are probably now busy catching your cats attacking the Christmas tree to make a viral video.

Tip: put up a couple of trees; throw the cat in all of them and then there should be some usable video material for sure.

About the blog: you can do with the information what ever you want. You see when you have been sick for 24 years; you experience your outer world in a totally different way than random ‘healthy’ and ‘normal’ people.

You’ll start to see confused people running around the globe poking living creature’s eyes out with their whether or not self made selfie sticks, telling the most impressive fake stories to make a hit amongst their follower crowd. Which do remind me a bit of the Baghwan craziness that existed back in 1623 (could be the 1970s or ’80s) or something.

People in the crowd all waving with their arms around screaming “ohhhhhh mighty holiness”, or something in that line; “what a really exciting beard you’ve got”: “LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE LIKE. SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE”.

Oh, wait you only can like and share ones. Well not with the Baghwan; you could like and share him all day long. Although nowadays that maybe is considered a “METOO” occasion.

Oh but you can’t share someones beard! It sticks on the face of the person in question! Unless you decide to share it by cutting it in pieces and hand it out to everyone. I doubt if the Baghwan himself would have been happy about being naked all of a sudden.

Does that sect still exists anyway??! Does sect has something to do with ‘insect’? I wouldn’t know I’m Dutch. Did I offend someone?? Can I expect a lawsuit??

Well grow up; it’s outdated anyway. And I have the OSHO-zen Tarot myself so. Oh wait does that make me member of the sect cult thing too? What happened to the 93 Rolls Royce’s by the way? I would have wanted one. Now that I belong to the sect too, I think I am in title to have one.

I could also have written about all the moms who I see running at breakneck speed to school every day and from a long distance throw their toddlers through the air aiming for the school’s front door and then run back with their nike shoes to their homes or work so they can social network in all hectic. Because I bet nobody is working nowadays, but social net-working. That maybe would have been more obedient or do I offend mothers, moms and even dads and so? Hmmm, well..take a break, take a KITKAT.

Anyway having to watch your hectic disturbed world all day long made me worried a lot and I wanted to warn you about any nasty consequences you might be ahead of.

Or maybe not really; it’s more like an exhausted woman’s frustration becomes dominating excessive and all I wanted to do is tell everybody to shut the X up, because you are making such a loud noise outside and of course I wanted to psychologically folter you gigantically so you would see how absurd your life really is.

Well….. not exactly, I’m not like that, although I do think a lot about it.

If you’re happy with your life, that’s ok. No heart feelings.

Besides that: my website has written ‘ALL ABOUT LIFE’ with a reason for the last 18 years.

Hope to see you in my next rubbish blog to tell you about the absurd creepy don’t-catch-a-cold outfit husband and daughter ordered for me.

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