Caught in the Christmas shop

Rough copy of a casual conversation after I went into the Christmas shop while husband is getting the car to go home.

Huspup: How on earth did you end up inside there?

Christmas shopMe: Well….let me see; just about when you went on your way to the parking lot, there was this tiny flying Elf looking like you. He grabbed me by my hair, and they say Elves are kind, suddenly I looked down and my feet weren’t touching the ground anymore. I flew!! Wow! Next thing I know is me being thrown with firm hands (Elves are not as kind as you would imagine) horizontal through this Christmas shop where I ended up on a shelf, hitting like a bowling ball all the glass tree ball ornaments. An amazing sound of cracking glass tortured my poor ears, when I looked on a slant I saw this shop owner woman watching me with a very furious expression, which on my turn didn’t impress me at all because I was sitting there high and dry poking this ugly Elf away from me.

Christmas shopThen I decided to ask the Elf if I could come with him to Santa’s place and hide there for a while because otherwise my husband would be asking how on earth I landed in the Christmas shop and I wanted to surprise him with the dullest Christmas hat ever so he could cover his leftover hair for the season in the dullest way so he would be beset by the Elf Christmas fashion squad.

Huspup: What did you eat this morning?

Me: YOU DROPPED ME RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SHOP ENTRANCE SILLY!!!!! So I accidentally walked in the store……. #howstupidofme

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