Fake Christmas botox long ear rabbit

Daughter sent me a DM with this pic of a long ear rabbit. Thing.

Looks like a tremendously depressed pet who flew too much and now his ears need some time out or even needs to retire.

What does she imply with this? Is there some hidden psychological message behind all this? Do I have to listen better to her? Now I feel really bad; have I been a lousy mom? I really can’t help tear down the escalators in a busy shopping mall. It just happens; if she would scream out to stop me, how am I supposed to hear that with so many people?! Besides that I wouldn’t have listened anyway; like I did already haha.

Does she want to have a long ear beast? Do we need a new Doily for the table? Heyy maybe it’s a reincarnation of Dombo! Does our cat want a rabbit to fly on?

And can someone explain why this animal has got some rivers flowing through his ears? What can he do with those ears? Maybe he is the secret eavesdropper from the government.

What does the girl mean?

Maybe it’s a Christmas dinner hint and this is her way to announce her quitting her vega life. I doubt it though; she rather swallows her giant Disney figurine then ever eat one of her favorite pets.

What’s wrong with the rabbit anyway? Don’t these ear-things never become entangled? How can he walk? Or maybe he is a she, or a transsexual rabbit. If it’s a she; those ear flaps are in any case most handy when slapping the male rabbits in their faces. We should have such ears too! Then we shouldn’t need MeToo hashtags.

Stuffed rabbit ThumperOh wait, maybe she’s still mad about us stuffing her only rabbit pet Thumper, 14 years ago (2003). He hunts her in her sleep and now we are to blame for it the rest of our lives.

I’ve made the pic of our beloved Thumper black and white, because it turned out yellow instead of grey and I was too lazy to take another pic. Otherwise he becomes mad again because of posting a yellow photograph of him.

I wouldn’t quite understand why he is so mad there on the other side at her. It’s not that we gave the pet curtains as breakfast and lunch and diner. He did that himself, it’s not our fault you had to stuff yourself even before we got the chance to do it you stupid rabbit!

A million times we told you to leave the curtains alone; it was not lasagna, the green spots were just lost zucchini and the red spots were just living there because I accidentally sat on it while I still had my periods. Why are you going to sit on a curtain you ask? Because the drapers are 7000 meters long and sometimes hang over the radiator ok.

Anyway; why does a dead stuffed rabbit hunts daughter in her dreams?! We really thought he would appreciate it to remove all his intestines and let him be forever part of our lives. No that actually is not true; I wanted to have my drapes back and I found them back in his intestines.

But what does that have to do with a rabbit with ears looking like the Chinese wall? Dunno.

Ohhh wait…; maybe the complicated animal has just a set of botox ears and this is a still hint from my daughter that it is time to adjust husbands ears so that he finally actually could hear a real whole sentence with ALL the words in it.

Anybody has a phone number to this rabbit’s ear doctor surgeon slash ear botox magician?

UPDATE: I talked to my daughter why she sent me the rabbit pic: turns out she thinks they’re fake. Well never mind the phone number.

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