When you’re busy and don’t know what the Blieb you’re texting

Sometimes when I read back what I texted people, IF I text people at all, because I hate texting and I hate useless conversations, but if I do I often think by myself ‘what the Blieb (©celesta.nl) did I just wrote?’.

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What did I mean with ‘me too’? Did I mean I want to meet myself too someday? That probably can not be the case because I already met myself….., several times in my life. I didn’t like it. <read also>

What would this person now think of me? ‘Wow she’s a little arrogant frump’. I think after this phrase it is most certainly out of the question we will meet some day. But maybe it is for the better for her.

And also did you noticed too that the extremely trendy words ‘MeToo’ suddenly sounds so awkward if putting it in a ‘normal’ sentence?

It so has this uncomfortable impudent presumptuous kind of emission to it; what kind of connection is the word ‘hugs’ giving right now to the ‘me too’? Well dunnoo. Sounds very like a threat to me if I should receive such a text message. My absurd mind is interpreting it as a verb; an imperative. Yes that’s weird yes, I agree.

It’s like yelling ‘MeToo!’ instead of ‘Boo!’ or ‘ShutUp!’ or ‘Have a good flight’. Sort of like you are calling a curse out over someone.

Yes I know: it doesn’t make any sense what I’m babbling. If you want to call the digital Nuthouse: go ahead.

Oh great: and as closing word you then throw ‘take care’ in the ring. Which probably now insinuates something like: I’m gonna ‘metoo’ you or you’re about to be MeToo-d: good luck because you’ll need to take care of yourself after wards. Doesn’t sound good.

Do I offend someone, do I offend myself, does anybody think I abuse the hashtag. Maybe there is nothing to worry about and is it just my weird mind that is refusing to read the correct meaning of the text.

But I agree with myself that ‘metoo’ thing has a whole other mental impact than ever before.

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