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Hello ……….. eh .. hello! Is somebody there? I don’t know if anybody can hear me, but I try it anyway. I just found this thing which you can tap on; you know the thing with the apple on it. I see my new family tapping on it all the time and I thought hey what they can do; I can do too. 
So what are you all doing up here? Is this some kind of illegal gathering club of bored humans? 

No problem you know; I’m here to change all that haha. So don’t skip this blog because after this one I will take you on my many naughty adventures in my new family. You will be witnessing how I can make my new humans go cuckoo, for as far as they weren’t already. 

You see I am totally new in the family since the end of January and I know nothing about the weird behavior of these human beings which surprises me mostly. 
Don’t you agree that we cats or kittens, which I technically still am, do  communicate with eachother for real: we meow face to face. Cat face to cat face and not like humans use facebook or facetime which I find rather aloof. That way we always can approach eachother with true honesty; whether we like one another or scratch eachothers eyes out right in the cat face.

But hey; they all are humans and they are in title to communicate however they want to ofcourse. They really don’t have to listen to some inexperienced black shaded golden Persian kitten ofcourse.
That brings us to the chapter of who I am; so let me introduce myself to you. My name is Isabella Mesa Verde and I was born on 16 October 2016 in Cattery Mesa Verde in The Netherlands. 27 January 2017 my new mistress came to pick me up so I could live with her and her family. 

I have a brother and a sister, Amor and Anastasia; my sweet sis stayed there to live permanently at the cattery. They said I could visit her whenever I want to and I am planning to in the future. 
Meantime I really enjoy my moving here and really like these new people. They really have a thing with the word ‘awwweeee’ you know. I don’t know what’s up with that, but I have the idea I have a lot to do with it.

Also all day they are pointing this mobile thing at me which they seem to call ‘Eyephone’. I hardly can look up or there is that thing again staring at my face. I guess that’s why they call it Eye-phone. But hey I can live with that; as long as I can use this other device on which I am tapping right now; I will tolerate it.

Don’t tell them though! I don’t know if they still let me use this thing if they find out. And I’m very enthusiastic about getting to know you all at the other side of this handy device. I am planning on writing more around here about my adventures here in my new home. 

So don’t tell anyone of them I use their ‘apple thing’! 😺☺️😉

By the way: I added a photo of me (as shown above) where I nearly got caught writing on this first blog. So I secretly switched devices afterwards and on this picture I just acted like a normal cat; but ofcourse I am not. Next time I will tell you about the little trick I use so I’m not getting caught.

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