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Steal item

When you want to steal this; but it’s too heavy Wanted to borrow this one the other day in a restaurants toilet hangout, but I couldn’t get it unstuck and I think it would...

How to undead a Butterfly

It’s Summer time, Corona times and also Butterfly time. Corona times doesn’t prevent insects from flying insane routes which can be extremely exhausting for them and occasionally they are totally weakened and need a...

Are You Bored?

Are you bored in these confusing times? After reading my ridiculous boring blog you maybe are able to solve it. Otherwise you’ll grow bzzzrammagftufts

Celesta is back


Hi! ✋I’m back.Yep.It has been a while. October, 2, 2018.The day after ‘they’ ruined my website. Yep. I strongly prefer the word ‘they’ because if I use ‘that other word’ my site maybe in...

I’m a professional SnotHead

(Quote credit: Quotefancy) Some families have great family traditions like Family Singing Time, Family Game slash movie Night, Meteor Watching Parties or dancing the hula hoop. And ofcourse one of the most famous ones:...

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