Dear WhoEver made this earth,

Dear WhoEver made this earth,Dear manufacturer, wizard, creatures, God(s) or upper bacteria, quantum physic genius, upper cells, smurfs, protons, neutrons, maybe aliens or whoever made this earth.

Do you think there is maybe a little chance, when you got some time on your hands, you could invent and create a new planet or entire Universe or a whole new something?

One where there are a lot of kittens and where we can eat pizza ai quatro formaggi without being taken to the hospital. A world where everybody is genuine friendly and loving. And where money is no item so we don’t have to fight for it or fight over it.

Oh.. and do you think you can talk to the coordinators and plan for me, my name is Celesta (not sure which name you give me in this future new world), that I can get a brand new new new clean healthy health this time (I mean next time)?

I do think I must have done something right in the last 25 years; use your rewind mechanism and see for yourself. I think 25 years was not really necessary and I insist to be rewarded with a brand new healthy body.

I’m sick of being sick in this lifetime on this earth.

I don’t plan on coming back again on this world; so you better do your best on a new one so I can switch.

Ok thanks in advance; that would be nice!



Ps: if you won’t approve my request I think I feel obligated to yell so loud that this earth will change its course, I will haunt you down and eat your finger (I’m very well-known for that) so you will be forced to do give me a new earth and healthy body anyway. So it’s up to you.

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┬ę – 2018

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