How to exclude your hidden psychic eye when you are in Tarot business

Tarot the ‘intuitive/scientific’-way

Imagine you are Tarot reader and psychic, but you have fear of knowing the whole story and beyond through unwanted psychic vision interaction at every human being you meet.

Yeahh then you’ve got yourself a real problem there dude! Go find some other job I would say.

Well yeah; I’ve tried that! For a very long time. Now I’m all sick, broke, frustrated, lunatic, old and do I have an oat addiction because the Universe thought well if you don’t listen; I’ll give you what you don’t deserve. Well swell!! Great! Terrific.

If you are meant to do something in life and deep down you know: stick to it is my advice and please don’t ignore it as I did.

With five of us and a lot of sixes I finally got to my chapter of Tarot in life (2007). But I had to cover my Psychic eye(s) and I choose to do Tarot the ‘scientific’-way: intuitive and also by the book.

Why? Wouldn’t it be a lot easier when you only use your psychics and then backed it up for confirmation with Tarot. Yes I could do that, but the time isn’t just right yet for me.

The moment I got into Tarot I agreed with myself that although I now worked in the spiritual field after all, I didn’t intend to use my unused and supressed psychic abilities.

So I still (anno 2018) am not ready to use my “other” visions and I still work purely intuitive and rational.

How to exclude your psychic eye when you are in Tarot business?

But how to exclude your hidden psychic eye when you are in Tarot business and you have to work with people and their stories all the time?
Well uhh…. I don’t know lol. I’ve tried by putting a blindfold, but I couldn’t see the cards; so obviously that didn’t work.
I just approach Tarot intuitively I guess in combination with what I actually know about each card. Which also means that for years I’ve read a lot of tarot books and studied many meanings.
So whenever I feel my thoughts wandering of to another level (psychic level), I right away freeze myself, push it away and keep sticking to my intuition and knowledge instead of glazing in my crystal ball. So I don’t have to witness you sticking your finger through your nose all the way via your ears and grabbing some bananas from a fruit bowl because of your ever lasting neurotic tic.

Also by drawing tarot for myself I think I had been able to train myself to let psychic interactions behind. For me it is harder to read for others in person because of seeing things behind the persons. I mostly sat there paralysed beholding weird scenes from all kind of weird deceased family members they brought with them; all yelling at me to do my clients all kind of disturbing greetings, like I am a mobile-live-surprise-act-service-system-thing (don’t know how on earth you call that); stupid ghosts. And in itself that was not the real problem, but if all those dead people are fighting, punching each other and crawling all over each other to let me know and show what they wanted to say at my client; you kind of get a lot confused and are about to think you lost your mind.

By training only with myself as client I could rely better on only interpreting the cards from what I had studied intensively for years on a daily base and observe it the intuitive/scientific way can give correct results. Withhout disturbance of dead people running around.

By daily drawing cards for yourself you’ll be soon able to conclude what kind of meanings you can give tarot cards. You can go beyond the general meanings and discover even the tiniest interpretations of symbols and the many different combinations.

I created journals, an own reading system and my own tarot meanings dictionary. Containing the words: FTarot, shAtTarot, Gdamned, I hate Tarot, not true, I quit or argghhh. Which you do definitely need to work on while practicing this awesome mystery of life through cards. Btw: that vocabulary says more about my life than about Tarot though.

I also created an analyse system for myself which I handle most of the time. A system that can manipulate people in such a manner that they will hop around like an imbecile kangaroo dressed up like Tinky Winky (then without the bag), eat ear worms and eventually will turn over their whole bank account to you without even knowing where all their money had gone. Well that’s one of my future analyze dreams; I’m still working on that one.

But until I should reach that stadium I still try to study Tarot every day.

How to exclude your psychic eye when you are in Tarot business? Summary:

1. put a blindfold

2. push psychic thoughts away and keep sticking to your intuition and (book) knowledge

3. Draw Tarot for yourself a lot

4. Create tarot journals

5. Make your own tarot directory

6. Make your own analyze system

7. Carrying some toilet refresher or bug spray to drug family member ghosts

8. Just look the other way

Next Tarot blog will be about Tarot Spreads.

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┬ę – 2018

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