I joined a We-have-loose-skin-all-over-the-place-50+ Facebook Group

Fab women over 50 facebook groupSo I joined a Facebook group the other day called ‘Fab women over 50‘ (NOT ‘FaT women over 50’ ) although that would have been nice too because my whole life I’ve tried to become fat, but in vain).

So remember touchy people (if you feel addressed): I’m not judging fat people; it’s just that I’m NOT fat so I really don’t fit in a fat-group, ….I think.

I’m 51 (and 11 months) and I totally have no idea why the blieb I had to connect with an opposite of Millenials group. Which is no judgment about this group either, but more like an Am-I-really-that-old-already and before-you-know-it-this-group-makes-me-ten-years-older and but-I’m-not-Fab-at-all-I-am-a-forced-photoshopperholic.

Isn’t joining this Facebook group a gods request to please give you hot flashes and the whole shebang accompanied by all other thinkable menopause discomforts business, which I already had enough of the past 25 years (NO joke) with the emphasis on ‘had’.

And what should I understand about the whole ‘Fab’ part? Fabulous as in ‘Absolutely Fabulous‘? or as in:

astonishing astounding awesome, breathtaking, extravagant, fantastic, first-class, legendary, marvelous, mind-blowing, out-of-this-world, phenomenal, remarkable, spectacular, striking, stupendous, super or superb. Because I can assure you: I’m NONE of these. Well maybe ‘breathtaking’, because I can give phenomenal punches in one’s stomach.

When is it determined you are ‘Fab’? I’m not sure if I can consider myself Fab because I fit more in the category of Fab & Your worst nightmare (within the meaning of I am a fingers eating (not my own fingers though) psychic √°nd Tarot reader: I know everything about you (and can use that against you) and I have this great mirror which I can shove in front of your 50+ (whether or not lifted) face any time, plus I talk nothing but the truth, which hurts sometimes) and I am a selfiephotoshopperholic,

Are you considered FAB with or without photoshopped face? With or without makeup, with or without botox, glue and putty stuffed in your upper lip or forehead? Hey I just came up with this great new idea. Discussing other materials than botox could be also a great thread in the timeline to start. Wouldn’t you want to know if injecting liquid cheese or peanut butter should work for a change? Then we can all inject each other and throw Fab-50+-we-inject-anything-in-our-face-as-long-as-it’s-eatable-parties at each others houses. Only thing is that I have to skip the cheese and peanut butter, because otherwise we also need an ambulance; so I’ll take the risotto, quinoa, oat and apple pie mixture as favorite injectables.

Why do people associate with groups anyway? From origin I am an anti-herd person, so I’ve really a hard time fitting in something which is not my size. I sometimes feel like The Hulk in a fishbowl, unless the fish would be piranhas, then I would wisely have not entered the damn bowl.

Also I used to have bad experiences with women circles all the way back to 1999, where I once got the whole women society crawling over me because I wrote I was glad I was diagnosed mentally ‘sane’. Can you imagine: you have been sick for a year (at that time; now the counter is on 25y) with 40.000 physical shAt included, no internist on earth can find what the F of sickness you probably can have and all internists professors say “well, mam’ you look perfectly NOT CRAZY to me, so no need to go to a psychiatrist. Well!! Wouldn’t you throw a party (with peanut butter injectables and all) just there on the moment you’ve got such good news!!! I did! But apparently it was NOT approved by these women and would they rather have seen me totally and heavy mentally ill. Which I AM NOT (not assured that some day it will be) and if I don’t mind myself and not judge YOU that you maybe are insane and mentally retarded, ill etc I think it’s fair that you also don’t judge me for being totally SANE, people!! (Not frustrated about this anymore….., really NOT….,sort of). I am very glad to be sane! For now.


So where is this blog going? To a mental institution instead of to an ‘Over 50 women’-group; from which the word ‘women’ scare the crap out of me.

Okayy, so gather yourself Celesta and let’s conclude what the advantages of this group could be for you.

50 plus women

These are a few of the Fab women who already joined!
Debbie ‘Meehan’ Hallock
Beverly Harris
Bonnie Evans Wickham
Natou Milou

First of all 50+ women can share all kind of tips; like how to react properly when you meet your first ever gray hair, but probably you already did before entering this group; not a good example.

So… like how to prevent your eye puffiness falling over your knees (which tip in my case I can totally use) or one of the most spoken topics ‘menopause’ and how long that takes or how to conquer it. Which in my case is totally irrelevant because for 25 years I have chronic fatigue (with 40.000 physical complaints to go with) and I can assure you that that is about 100000 times worse than having the menopause plus menopause itself included and that for 25 years in a row. For one: you then have ALL the symptons associated with menopause ever found on earth for free!! Not a few, a couple or ten symptoms; BUT ALL OF THEM!! #notfun #atall

I think besides a ton of ‘Fab granny tips’ the group can offer also a listening ear, what I can not really imagine though because usually if being a Fab Granny you already have all your ears ripped off by either your kids or grandchildren, but maybe that doesn’t even matter since we all (almost all) can read anyway on Facebook, which we are most thankful of.

They can offer a connected feeling with fellow loose-skin-all-over-the-place-women, a get things of your chest kind of place or a let’s show the annoying new generations and smart asses a thing or two, which is my favorite topic of all. WE ARE OLDER (for sure) and WISER (well most of us).

Sharing thoughts about eating pastry or greens for the rest of your life and ‘walker’-fun. ‘Yes’ to the facelift or ‘no’ to the facelift. Or ‘Who needs facelifts anyway’. Maybe its also a place where women show how great their botox turned out or maybe the most fun part of: when NOT haha (not being sarcastic). We could even start the ‘Who has got the most gray hair’-contest.

Me myself am going for the Getting to know new women from all over the world challenge. Getting to know women folks who have been around the block for a while and also feel overruled by a whole new generation of know-it-alls, three year old profile fakers who claim to be millionaires before they turn seven and who teach us all how to live life and get success in life: at an age of 7 people!!.😡 It might even be your grandchildren; if so: send them my way: I’ll eat them with pleasure. Especially their little whatsapp fingers.

In short ‘Fab women over 50’ will be a place to empower each other whether we’re in past state condition or not.

Feeling good would be the right keyword here I think, because lots of women need that very much. I personally don’t need people to make my day and feel good about myself or even feel bad about myself. My whole life I felt good about myself and unfortunately for most people: it stays that way until the end of times.

Every 50+er has a story and there always be someone who needs that story for some reason. I hope I can also contribute to that need and make you even more confused than you maybe already are.

Gretchen AsherGretchen Asher (58y) is the founder of this free (fast growing) FB group ‘Fab women over 50’ (13.500 members) which she started mid-May of 2017 and I asked her why she started this golden-agers group.

“‘Fab women over 50’ is a group where women age 50+ can come together for meaningful connection and sharing. I couldn’t find a group like this on FB where there was REAL engagement, so I created it myself.

I created Fab Women Over 50 to connect with women in my age demographic to find out if what I was experiencing as a woman 50+ was an anomaly or if other’s were experiencing the same. I found it it wasn’t “just me.” LOL!”

According to the group’s FB analytics they have an engagement rate of ~83% of all members each month and nearly 200,000 posts and comments each month. So if you are 50+: move your grey hair, wrinkles and your senior selfies over to the group and join!

Here is another write up if you are interested. Because members in Fab Women Over 50 have asked Gretchen to come up with ways in which they could connect on a more personal and intimate level, she is opening enrollment to the Inner Circle March 1-7 for a way to connect far beyond the keyboard.

Inner circle



If you are in some way insulted by my blog, because most women often are about the most miniscule proton: Take a hike to Timbuktu; don’t take yourself so seriously: you’re only a bunch of molecules glued together by energy or plastic surgery.

I can not be taken serious either; I have sniffed too much chemical nose drops in my life. And I am 50+. Cough.


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