Worst physiotherapist ever: don’t touch me again

Thumb tendinitisSo hardly recovered from my almost chopped off thumb adventure; I now woke up without a thumb: it just fell off last night. At least it felt that way. Each time I move and bend it the usual bent-your-thumb-way, my thumb cracks and falls off.

This is the punishment for eating outside my strict diet lately to avoid joint and muscle problems which I have since 25 years when I eat ‘junk’ food (which I never do). Well that is syrup waffles, apple pie or currants bread. Which I really do need every once in a while you know. It lowers my pH levels and then most of the joints are going to party. If I adhere to exclude all this delicacy I’m ok; but that’s not the case at this moment.

Last night my thumb hurt and I asked my husband to give the poor thing a massage. I think he succeeded in that because it has now swollen out of proportion thinking it’s a giant Barbapappa.

So this is all his fault because now I am stuck with a huge thumb fracture. Apparently a delicious tendinitis of some sort. Now I can’t type anymore, do Tarot cards, type, do cooking, Ding Dong Ditch the house…..oh no that’s another time zone, did I mention typing, go to the toilet (you really have to be acrobatic for that!), wash the dishes and watch videos, oh wait you don’t need a finger for that.

So have a nice day ya’ll while I’m working on a future press release which I’m doing for ‘Fab women over 50‘ and all by one finger typing and a lot of swearing.

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