You can do more things…..

What action neeeds to be taken right now?

  Message of this reading is first of all to leave the past the past once and for all. 
Then keep in mind that you can overcome anything if you just see your future more on the bright side. Stay focussed, determined and decisive on what you want; be prepared to do whatever it takes. Show them all but always stay critical and don’t be ashamed to be a little more savvy at times.  
The page indicates that this whole reading is about a new way of thinking; apparently for this person, necessary to take a next step towards a more bright future. 

In this case it will mean a drastic switch: the page can be very direct in his decision making and suddenly will want to change his course with a lot of mental turbulence. 
To do this you sometimes just have to say goodbye to an old way of thinking and irritations that were holding you back. But at the same time this can go hand in hand with saying goodbye to people who were always present in your life until now. 

Take another look at these relationships and for example be carefull who you let into your life. Sometimes you rely on people who rather see you fail. Leave those people behind and rely more on yourself and figure out what the best way is to make a better future. 

Maybe you can do more things on your own than you think you are capable of. 
To make this mind shift it is often handy to ask yourself questions. The more clear questions you ask yourself, the director answers you will get. It will help you to see things in perspective again and will make you more comfortable in decising what is good for you and your life.

Spicy figures
The Page in question and the Queen of Wands are both very spicy figures; if they want to get done something they are going to get something done. So they really are not afraid to put words into action and will avoid any obstacles that stands in their way with a little dose of arrogance. 

A portion of determination will be the most important key to strive on to your destination.


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