Year of Love

One of the 6-card future predictions I did the first days of january tells a wonderful future relationship for this person.

Allthough I know that most of the time the cards are always right, with this kind of predictions I still have some fear if clients are going to interfere and block unconciously these information.

Positive predictions, in my vision, only come true if you let life do its natural flow without intentional (artificial) interferences. Otherwise a positive tarot prediction reading will not become future reality. From the moment people do a tarot reading they have information which they then can influence conciously or unconciously. Let’s hope this person has faith and let go of this reading information so that nature finds his way with the positive result as the reading says.  

In the months of January or February (1st card) you will meet a very romantic person who will overload you with love, little gifts and attention. He even can be very poetic so you might be expecting some poets too if you’re lucky. According to the cards I think he shall make a major romantic impact on you. March and April (2nd card) therefore shall bring you lots of happiness and harmony. You shall have a very wonderful time and celebrating your love together. I think family and/or friends shall react very positive on this new relationship also. This person you are going to meet has a very charismatic attitude on you and your surroundings. 

In May and June (3rd card) you will become aware that this relationship can have very much potential for the future. Being together with this person can also mean that you might be undertaking things that you normally wouldn’t do that easy. You will be absolutely sure about this person and you will do whatever it takes to stay with this person.

I think the ‘undertaking’ thing shall/can have to do with travelling; in this case I think maybe to the place he is coming from in view of the card that goes with July and August (4th card) . The 3rd and 4th card (may/june + july/august) both say that you might be going to do something that is completely out of your comfort zone. And I think that indeed shall be moving from one place to the other.

The 5th card, the Star, indicates very good future prospectives. Again it shall mean wonderful times and most of all very peaceful and positive vibrations. I think in this time it shall become clear that you belong together and that this relationship can have the (stable) potention you are seeking for. The Star can also means that you yourself shall review your former romantic relationships with this one. You will review all that you have learned from the last, so that you can make sure this relationship will keep on working the way you want it and the way that is joyful and full of love for both. 

November and December (last card) will be a time to relax much more; you can now let the relationship flow his natural course and enjoy it to the fulliest. You both agree that this will be a long-term love and you will both put energy, time and love in each other so it can grow from there.

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