Open letter to the Christmas tree terrorist

Open letterTo the disgusting pathetic naturelove-less, Christmas-less and brain-less (and most probably even bra-less) tree terrorist person who cut 600 christmas trees in half belonging to a pine tree farm in the Netherlands last month (and last year).

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Dear sick individual; did you have a problematic childhood or something of such nature? You probably have been tortured to eat gross shoe soles with peanut butter and Christmas porridge with green soap when sitting under the tree while being lectured by your annoying little sister because you stuck a sucked on lollipop in her hair?




What is a LEOLLIPOP Mr. Spelling control?

Spelling controlDid you do a little washy before you decided to cut down our beautiful nature; A BRAINWASHY to be exactly.


There is something else in motion within you that maybe doesn’t exactly belong there I think.

Pine tree needles

Maybe accidentally a swarm of drunk flies flew into your ears when you were sleeping and are trying to possess you to get rid of pine trees because they all want earth to be one big empty environment so they can fly around all day without bumping into irritating objects. That’s stupid!

Or maybe your parents didn’t teach you sociability and coziness. Poking out eyes of dolls with a fork to exercise how to feel supreme is not exactly the idea of good parent ship. I’m so sorry for you. On the other hand; poking your own eyes out would have been better.

Please rotten miserable flies, piss off, let this person be normal again; he doesn’t want cutting trees at all I think. My hidden psychic eye (so true) tells me he rather would knit some very pretty baby socks to put on….ohh never mind.

Weird that on some point in your life you learned to touch somebody else’s property and even had the guts to destroy it. Maybe next time you could touch a property of yourself (a body part for example); I do know a good one if you’re interested. My tip with that is: electrocute it!

What is the reason of all this? Having control over somebody else? I’m under the impression you’ve implemented the wrong set of human rules here. Which are at least: DON’T TOUCH SOMEBODY (in case of love you may touch in a lovable way) NOR SOMEONE’S PROPERTY NOR DESTROY IT.

Please detach from this strange form of entertainment you have mastered. It just can not be that this is what you live for! Next time please first apply it on yourself and then decide if it was fun. But I guess in this case you wouldn’t be alive anymore to tell the tale haha. (Evil laugh)

Watch out what you’re doing though because there might be a chance that next time you sit on the toilet; you are gonna be dragged down by a dragon fish through the sewer and you end up with the rats down under the ground and the only thing to eat and drink there is urine and poopoo.

I’m so sorry for you that you are a weak person and that you have nothing else to do in life.

Don’t act like a Grinch because you suck at it.

Celesta bitmojiNext time I find you and I will cut your tiny balls in 600 pieces. And then I hang them in a Christmas tree special made for you and your family. And then I plant it in your garden. For free. With Christmas lights and all.

Ohh! And if you are suffering from the I-have-the-best-religion-and-god-of-all-syndrom: tell your ‘God’ to F his self  go do his hair   eat a fried banana after he has done his grocery shopping because he needs that in case I let him ban for good because he’s obviously not doing his job right.

There is only 1 religion: LOVE. Love for yourself, Love for anybody and all creatures on this earth and the earth itself too.




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