To split or not to split up a 17min-read blog?

I just wrote a 17min-read blog with 4584 words / 25,163 chars: WTB?! 🙈 (I made that up: if you don’t know you’ll have to read my other blogs to find out).

Why? How? No!

Who is going to read this anyway?!

Who still got time to read?

Should I split it up in multiple blog parts? Oh no, wait: Google search doesn’t want that. They force you to write this ridiculous insane long blogs full of senseless poppycock dressed with some official hard researched facts (mostly researched by I, the undersigned), catchy quotes or too far-fetched valuable tips accompanied with pink metaphors, midget snakes, talking spiders, dangerous dentists swinging on lianas with on their shoulders fire-spewing cockatoos who read their morningpaper with sunglasses and approved SEO.

It’s their fault not me

I don’t even know why I wrote this. Google made me do it.

Celesta thinkingSo what do I do? Split the blog in 2? Or can you manage to read on for 17 terrible minutes? But then you’ll maybe need a vacation if I didn’t push you in a long winter sleep so you forget to book? Or maybe you have to go into rehab after you’ve read this scrappy blog.

If I split in 2, nobody is going to understand the thrust of the blog anymore. And maybe you don’t even ever read part two. But I’m sure you’ll don’t understand the retarded blog anyway and skip part two for sure.

I will probably post it.

Some day.


After I checked the spell check and ate a sandwich with chocolate sprinkles.

I’m allergic to chocolate. So posting could take a little longer.

I didn’t eat chocolate sprinkles for about 10 years now.

I want them back in my life.

I guess you have to wait for my very long post as you noticed.

But maybe I’ll post it anyway.

It depends; how my mood is.


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