Don’t take life too serious; including your selfies

What is Life meant for?

Celesta - Don't take life too serious

No matter where you are born or raised, what nationality or color you’ve got, if you walk backwards or if you wear 2 different socks. During our life we all think on some or even several points in life: “what is Life meant for?”

Well I don’t know if we’re ever find out, but this blog is what I think about it. But hey don’t take me serious though; I’m just another nutnut trying to fill up my life-years, months, days, minutes and seconds on this planet (heaven knows why).

So let us try to analyze it in this article, which between the lines illustrates who Celesta is in real life (not sure you wanna know though).


This blog is more or less a wake up call to all people being stuck in their ego’s with or without their knowledge. So if you consider yourself being supporter of diamonds, a full closet of shoe models in every color, fancy cars for each daily activity and per defenition want to hang on to your mentally superficial greedy and mundane lifestyle finished with a touch of views, likes and Yxupazquecuem; then this blog is not going to change a thing I’m afraid.

But I bet you probably now are very busy hurting your little brain about what on earth Yxupazquecuem is and maybe especially: where to get it.

Well to disappoint you: ‘Yxupazquecuem’ doesn’t exist hahahaha. I made that up. Doesn’t it sound appealing to you <thumbs up>. All chemical relaxers and or stimulators sounded so depressing and scary not to speak neagtive to me. I thought “what the Blieb; I might as well invent my own medicine”. ‘Yxupazquecuem’ sounds very relaxing to me don’t you think?

That makes me now owner of a pharmaceutical business, without ever having produced one single product. But on second thought; I’m highly against pharmaceutical industries so if you are interested in buying my digital medicine company, feel free to contact me; it’s for sale now.

Do you dare to read further?

So if you feel addressed by my last paragraph; feel free to leave the building……uh blog. Oh but wait; don’t go away yet! Maybe this blog is perfect for you since you maybe just have to quit your irresistible need to profiling yourself as one of world’s most attractive selfie hoppers (does that word exist? Well now it is) so you can now prepare yourself for more purposeful participation of life and maybe that will be more pleasant than you thought it would be.

Or maybe not haha who knows; maybe karma is gonna get you and then you have to run like hell in opposite direction to make the reading of this blog undone because you met yourself and it scared the crap out of you because you had to clean up the mess you made until then.

Anyway: Before life forces you to shake you up on his terms; let me be the first to push your face on the facts with this blog.

I had to let my own ego go, (even though I didn’t had a very huge one); so please open your eyes before you find yourself hanging on the chandelier in the middle of the night, thinking you are situated at the most expensive jeweler on earth, trying the newest and largest ear rings.

Prevent decayed condition

I mastered the habit of working around the clock; ignoring eating and drinking. When I had to go to the toilet by chance (because normally without drinking you don’t have to pee: that saves time) I did my insanely best NOT to go for a P. Now wasn’t that so time saving of me.

I hardly slept at night and when I did; I did the whole administration in my dreams and awoke completely exhausted in the morning from working in my sleep.

CelestaIt was even a wonder I still had been able to breath even though it was barely air sucking. Years later, my physiotherapist asked me how I could manage barely breathing all day long. He explained that as a result my ribcage was stuck together because the fluid between the ribs seemed to had dissappeared.

At that moment I already was in state of decayed condition for several years and did I have to conquer every day to survive.

Once you have to fight with your own body all day; you meet your ‘reality check’ awfully quickly. It isn’t worth being slave of a system invented by aristocrats for this short amount of time that we are jogging around on this planet and in this life.

I wish I could go back in time (1989) now with the biggest megaphone I could find to yell at myself to get the X out of the system and run to the next kitten circus and join the crazy strawberry eaters club. That way my predefined soul wouldn’t get robbed.


Life, life, life. What a priceless little gift have we all gotten there; don’t you think?!

Life; a precious wonder from which most of us really lost the defenition of. All of us sooo incredible busy; busy with Life.

Busy with what? Busy all day watching people do impersonations of ducks. Busy trying to figure out if people’s selfies are the real deal or filters.

Then coming to realization that this person really has weird stuff coming out of their ears. And as so really has a major issue there.

Butttt as we try (hear me good: ‘try’) not to be judgmental as gentle as we are; we end up being busy all day with the bothering knowledge that this person should need serious help.

And because we certainly don’t want to be known as ‘annoying’; we keep our mouths shut.

Ultimate way of living?

Is being busy all the time the ultimate way of living? Is being busy all that is left from the once playful, imaginative and innocent attitude which we had as a child. The only time in our life when we only wanted to experience the simplicity of that same essence.

The only time that you could crawl undisturbed in mother’s kitchen cabinet to attack the peanut butter, cover your whole face with it, spread it all over the rest of the cabinets and dip the cat’s tale in it to then paint the black and white TV screen because otherwise black and white is just black and white.

As adults we learned ourselves to attach value to many things we really shouldn’t put one single value label on really. We learn to go crazy as the neighbor didn’t sweep his pavement from snow or autumn leaves and we slither through the front window landing exact on the table where sweet neighbor has his breakfast with someone who I don’t recognize as his wife.

<frowning> uh..; maybe this would indeed be a right situation to insult your neighbor from top to toe.

But when you nag about spelling errors on Twitter like ‘tommorow’ and ‘tommorrow’ or someone having one eye closed on a selfie while licking a lemon ice cream or doing the rumba with a gorilla on a zoo safari when they got outside their car because they wanted to make the most amazing viral video ever; then there’s something seriously wrong with you. That is….. for the last two examples excluding the ape case.

We forgot to laugh; we forgot to help and love each other. We should laugh when our neighbor has lubricated peanut butter onto our rose garden and then we should sing together with him (or her) Look a peanut flower traladi tralala.

We forgot to experience nature (in- or exclusive peanut butter); we forgot to hang over and just watch and listen to Life itself.

Life is trying like crazy to tell us things, but we are mostly busy watching YouTube video’s. Life is wringing itself in between all YourTube stars, but gets buried under pranks, lipsticks and eye shadow samples so he will not actually arrive at your auricle or retina.

Life isn’t the Rolex you got on your wrist or eat, drink and party as much and delicious as you can. Life isn’t taking the perfect selfie, looking stunningly all day and chronically try to impress the rest of 7 billion people on a daily base.

Life isn’t the attitude you impose yourself or get forced into during your life on this planet. It isn’t the beautiful and especially very expensive car or cellphone or to travel every country of the world; so you can brag about it.

It really isn’t the most important education degree you can think of just to become rich and have an overly exaggerated abundant extraordinaire life on white beaches. Although it maybe is a good idea for the Universe to give every new born on this earth a free piece of private beach without ever having to work your ass of for it.

Unrealistic self

We are all so incredibly busy to do as much stuff in 24 hours as we can. We mostly can’t even hear ourselves think anymore. One minute sitting on the couch doesn’t really result in a relax mode. Nope: we have to manage all of our social media accounts.

We all have to perform to perfection and we all want to be the most popular human creature of all. Whether that is with a toilet pot on our head or even sitting on the potty. Or even when eating out of the poo pot.

We have become so obsessed by creating an unrealistic self that most of the younger generations have become very confused about their own being here and themselves in general.

Yeahhh they really think that in real life you only have to look at each other without saying a word and then expect that you perfectly understand them. They expect you to interpret the glazed look which implicates that you have to place the red carpet the perfect way right in front of their insane expensive footwear.

And they eat out of the toilet to make viral selfies; that sounds kind of lunatic too. But it could also be that I made that up; I actually never checked on the internet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I should be right.

Life isn’t one big shop and ‘consume adventure’; neither it is about feeding your ego, money and having the most power. Allthough at times it really can be VERY convenient.

Ingenious system

Life has gotten us so serious about all these things that we don’t realize anymore what really is important in life and what is not.

You only do know the importance of things when you either are smart yourself or you had to learn it by experiences. The Universe has created some really ingenious system for that, called: ‘I’m gonna teach you a lesson‘.

Celesta thinkingPersonally I don’t agree with that Universe because I don’t have time to be caught up in lessons. I have to experience life as it is meant to be. But in my life the Universe seems to tell me: ‘nehhh you don’t’, ‘first you are going to learn something and then you maybe in title to get some time to enjoy‘. Well at the time I’ve learned my lessons; I think there is not gonna be enough time to do that you know.

Today I am 51 years old (2017); for half a century I’ve experienced things, encountered challenges and I’ve seen stuff.

What I noticed is that fortunate people don’t seem to have to learn as much lessons from Mr. (Or Mrs.) Universum as less fortunate beings. “How come Universe?“, I then ask myself while sitting in the sun next to my inflatable swimmingpool, lifting my 20 year old bikini (does this word still exists anyway?) from my hips and listening to the hightech hottub sounds from neighbors.

Even if the Richies sometimes (but as far as I can see it: a lot!) are irresponsible, irritating and dishonest human beings; it doesn’t seem to matter to the Universe. Wealthy folks often always get in life what they want. No bad karma involved here; according to my frustrated vision.

So in other words: if these (fortunate) people don’t get their life lessons, it is not really awkward that they bog down in the materialistic swamp of life. It seems they only are busy with the lessons regarding how to get more money and power. (In which the Universe mostly let them unperturbed free in this.)

The worst person on earth wanting to meet

Only bright spot for us on the ‘losers’ side (as society gladly names people with less than a million bucks or fame and power) is the fact is that when you don’t have much luck dust or aren’t blessed with a good health; there can be a point that you are starting to see life in a whole different light. Maybe the best light there is; since that is the moment you start to see what’s most important in life you are beginning to approach life different. Hallelujah!

But before you do that you first have this conversation with yourself about what on earth you were thinking while making such a mess of your life. Why the **** did I had to go crazy every time there were people not doing their jobs right and efficient. So crazy that sometimes people heard me yelling in China where Peking ducks then instantly resurrected from the restaurants plates.

Why in heaven’s name did I always chronically procrastinating the need for a pee stop until it came out of my ears?! Why didn’t I take time to eat between visiting client schedules and so on and so on. (True stories without exaggeration)

When you have encountered yourself (which I can assure you be the worst person on earth wanting to meet) you suddenly start to realize that (for example) it’s better to listen to your body and your intuition more seriously.

Life means….

Life means taking good care of the only home you will ever live in! The only home which is your most cherished and most precious possession on this earth. And you’ve got it for free too!

Life means taking good care of the only home you will ever live in! The only home which is your most… Click To Tweet

Life is about finding the happiness within you and not outside you. It is about staying close to yourself; to your standards and values, to your own identity and especially close to your own laughter.

Society stole that laughter and fun which was always inside me. Or maybe it is the other way around: I let them steal my pride and joy!! Yeahh I think it’s the last fixing.

Life is being unselfish and helping people where ever you see need for help. And with help I don’t mean the easy way like helping those in need in a country far from your own bed. While there are so many people who needs help in one way or the other who live sometimes right beside you. Those are usually ignored majorly and I really don’t understand the WHY of that!

Ex-superwoman’s advice

Please protect yourself for this society; you will really lose yourself if you don’t. And I can tell you; once swallowed, it shall be immense hard to break free and turn it around again.

Sooner or later you’ll come to the conclusion not to take life so serious. It is a life lesson you rather would have avoided.

And not only that; it sometimes eventually may cost you your health too as it did in my case. #nottobeadviced

Take it from an ex-superwoman (51y/2017) who was knocked down by her own body, society and useless seriousness.

When I grew up and was suddenly dumped in society I was, against my feelings, forced into rules and habits according to the standard adolescent. In my heart I didn’t want that because I always had been a crazy girl who joked and laughed a lot without taking things serious.

But eventually ‘The System’ sneaked in without me even realizing it. I’d rather have had sneakers with increased soles to throw certain illuminati members through the basket ball thing. Before I had dribbled them real hard through the gym forth and backward.

CelestaSuddenly I had to choose a career path (instead of basketball player) and suiting job. But I didn’t want that uggghhh; the things I really wanted to do, seem to be impossible and ever time I tried to choose the direction which came close to it. And if that seemed impossible also; again I choose a direction which was close to that. And soon I had been discouraged by little external circumstances which made it again impossible to go in that direction. So eventually it became a matter of choosing the direction close to the previous path and that previous path and the path therefore.

Which as you can imagine left me totally disoriented and squirming on my feet.

Soo I ended up in this wonderful life I didn’t have in mind for myself. Counting coffee beans and in a chronic state of exhaustion.

From the year 1989 I import coffee which through the years of financial insecurity was supplemented with all sorts of other products which came on our (that) path and which I really hadn’t in mind when I created my future future as a child.

I created a life in which you could see me playing an editorial secretary, an actress/supporting actor, an illustrator/graphic designer and cartoonist; me as producer of a kids TV channel and as photographer on the red carpet. I even ventured me to web hosting and web designing for years.

Spiritual mode

A life full of serious business which is really sooo NOT me!! As you notice I have pretty much an irritable an exhaustible creative mind. So I thought “what the heck”, I could publish millions of own websites and add a ton of social network accounts (including Instagram’s: @drawings) as well to the party.

Honesty compels me to say that all what I have done in my life were really applied between my chronic physical restrictions which I got when I gave birth to my daughter.

Maybe it looks like a lot to you and maybe it is; but if you are sick you become a real master in working effective on your ‘fittest’ moments. But that will be another time to write about that so you can apply that for yourself; whether you are healthy or not.

A busy mind can drive you totally nuts sometimes. You just have the uncontrollable urge to go on thinking up activities when your body tells you to stop.

How does that look? The brain keeps telling you should do this you should do that… that, that and that and that too and that. And you are like: “nooooo I am exhausted can’t you see, I have chronic fatigue syndrome, can’t you just shut the f up with giving me orders all the time otherwise I have to stick potato chips in my ears so I can’t hear you anymore. But I can’t because I’m allergic to starch; ohno that is only when I eat it; well tough luck for you I stick them in my hearing equipment.

Your body eventually goes something like this: it keeps on telling you to run a marathon and when you’re done you should do an additional marathon right after that; even if your tongue hangs literally on your both feet and you grasp a pole, but it keeps on pulling you on your legs to force you to go on.

Me: “But don’t you understand! I have to take part in this world; I most certainly can NOT lie down and let pass by my life!!!”

Brain & Body: “we don’t care!”.

To cap it all: I finally became tarot reader (“yeahh right” I would have said 40 years ago). And finally that got me in the direction of what life apparently had in mind for me (read also: WishyWashy).

Once my life started up in a relative spiritual mode, without the gypsy dress, woowoo wavy arm movements and without the drawling way of talking crap and all; bit by bit I found my self back. Only I was still searching for that crazy impersonation of myself that remained absent.

The absence of that was due to society who had me trapped in a web of ego, work and especially money. Suddenly I had become a caricature of what society thought I should be.

Every time I looked in the mirror I saw this flipped out person from they say it was me. Every day I tried to keep all my body parts within one piece while managing a child, a company with personal, an office and a husband, which was even the biggest challenge of all.

My normal mode of speaking had become something in the order of “booh” and “bahhh”. Which sounds to me as if I was practicing top scare for ‘Monsters and Co‘  Which would not be possible because it’s an animation movie and therefore not real. But at the time I didn’t even notice anymore what was real or fake. You might as well could have dumped me in an ape cage to flee the rest of the gang.

I had measured me a total act of professions from which I really don’t know why I got myself involved in that. The Crazy Girl I once was, was still missing.

I certainly still haven’t learned everything in this existence, but I can tell I’ve gotten enough lessons to have become very frustrated about this thing called ‘life’. But the biggest question of all for me is: Why? Why? Why? I didn’t ask to get those stupid lessons. I just wanted to be my life as easy and comfortable as possible please. I wanted to be free; free in the broadest sense of the word.

Ask Tarot

So here is where tarot is kicking in and without that I should have never discovered all the reasons behind my frustrated life. But I’m not implying here that I solved my frusti-mode (frustration mode); because it’s NOT.

It did help me get my life back on track, get rid of ego, be myself again and find the direction of the right path again. Which is annoying people, putting a mirror in front of their faces to show how ugly they really are.

Is this rat race meant to be for you in this lifetime? Wouldn’t be there a more meaningful purpose to give your life other than show the world your selfies and walk around like you’ve just got plugged by an alien who is now maneuvering you around like a fancy robotic system, but only with scary pop up eyes rolling as fast as a spinner.

If you are Tarot practitioner yourself and you have a lot of questions about life and if you are on the right track. You could ask them the following questions:

  • What is important in my life?
  • What is my purpose on earth?
  • How can I live a happier life?
  • What do I have to learn?

Despite a lot of answers the Tarot gave me; I still was searching for Crazy Celesta.

I certainly didn’t want to be the next Tarot reader who do drawling talks and is spreading her arms all day long as wings through the air accompanied by spiritual chatter.

I am really the ‘what you see is what you get’- kind of girl without all the fuss and I wanted to stay me this time.

To find out how to survive in this ‘fake world’; I had to dig deeper in my brain with help of the Tarot to discover that secret. Grabbing in a dirty mixture of green and gray mush (don’t try this at home) except pulling tarot cards ofcourse; it all became much clearder.

Life’s purpose

Coming to the next chapter realizing that this blog took an unexpected direction. We started with the question about ‘what is Life meant for?’. And we ended up with a chaotic hodgepodge of hypothetical meanings of life’s purpose, my frustrations and tarot.

Life’s purpose is for everybody different. Every single person on this planet experiences other situations. Unfortunately because it would be much more fun if everybody would be rich by nature and we could all hang out on a tropical beach and dance around in Hula skirts with straw earrings to instantly suck the pine apple trees empty.

Then there should be no need to learn all those stupid lessons. But my husband has a clear opinion on this vision, because he thinks that if everyone would be rich the world would get lazy and we wouldn’t have any people left over for all kind of nursing professions of whatever employment which is necessary for society.

Society would crumble down and we would have to make our own porsche and build our own million dollar villa’s. I think people should stink at that figuratively and literally because we don’t have any more skills for that as the mediocre Himba in Africa. They build their shacks with their own poop which they spread with their hands.

I personally think Life is meant to be a unique journey in which we travel for a relatively very short time. In that relatively immense short time your challenge is to be as happy as possible. Without getting greedy , imprudent, selfish and materialistic because you then lose all kind of objectivity and reality.

Experience this earth environment intense, but humble and help each other out where ever and when ever you can without letting your ego interfere. And as far as I’m concerned: without distroying the earth and it’s beauty!

Unfortunately for most people this also means that they get challenges on their way. ‘Lessons’ to get forced in practicing self development and grow stronger in life.

I do NOT agree with that at all; I always thought of myself as being strong enough. I repeatedly explained the Universe that there is no need to throw challenges/lessons for my feet. But I’m not exactly sure Universe understands what I mean with that.

Why we should learn these lessons: beats me! We probably will know that when we arrive on the other side one day. So one ‘day’ in eternity maybe we will meet each other and discuss that again. Maybe then we can change earth’s rules to somewhat more humane challenges or NO challenges at all! Maybe I even destroy earth and build a perfect happy planet!

‘What life is meant for’ is inextricably linked to the questions: how to survive in this ‘fake world’ and ‘How to discover yourself again or how to stay yourself?’.

But you have to be sure you want to explore yourself though; because for some people that would be a major shock experience so you better prepare yourself for ugly discoveries.

Despite everything I could find myself back by just being myself. But that sounds more easy than it actually is. You often loose yourself fast and without even being aware about it.

In a future blog I will show you how to find yourself again and how to break free from this fake world.

In the meantime: Don’t take life too serious; including your selfies

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